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Why Choose Hiro?

Hiro is the all-in-one audio platform for businesses that want to grow their customer base, improve their brand and create another revenue stream fast.

Create Audio Shows Fast

Import YouTube Channel

Hiro connects to your YouTube channel in a couple of clicks, then imports everything from that channel. It converts your videos to audios, imports the descriptions and has a show ready for you instantly.

RSS Import

Hosting your show on another platform and want to bring it over to Hiro? Just paste the RSS url into our Hiro import. Hiro brings everything over. All you have to do, is verify ownership and your show is ready to go.

Create From Scratch

Customers are always blown away by how fast and easy it is to create shows in Hiro. Once you set up your show name, cover art and details, then upload audios and videos and your show is ready. Videos are converted to audio, saving you valuable time there too!

Profit From Your Show

All the ways you can profit from your show with Hiro are only limited by your imagination. Here are the most popular ways our customers profit from their Hiro audio shows:

SMS & Email List Building

Hiro’s Keyword feature lets you set up a keyword that your audiences texts to our dedicated number. That listener is then texted back access to your show. This is a great way to build you list with an active audience.

No-Code Sales Page

Hiro gives you a no-code sales page with each show you create. Connect your Stripe account and set up your price. Then make your sales page active so others can purchase access to your show.

You keep 100% of all sales.

Connect Hiro To Your Website Or Funnel

Hiro’s Zapier Zap lets you connect your website or funnel directly to Hiro, instantly adding listeners when they purchase.

Updated on August 8, 2022

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