Getting Started

Create a private audio show from your premium content in minutes

Creating a show with Hiro is simple. Setup once and start selling or use it to grow your list. We automate everything involved in distributing your show for you. When you upload your videos and audios to Hiro, we let you decide when listeners get access, for long and how much they pay. We also let you set up an SMS keyword opt-in to share as well.

Create a new show

A show is a collection of audios generated from your premium content. One Hiro account can hold many shows. Each show can be listened to in the Hiro mobile app or from your website. You manage it all in an easy and modern web application with minimal effort.

  1. Create a new show in Hiro using our three easy methods – from scratch, import a YouTube channel or import an RSS feed
  2. Set when episodes will be released – all at once, dripped out, or on specific dates
  3. Upload your audios and videos (if you didn’t import them)
  4. Set up the details of each episode
  5. Make your show and episodes live (not draft)

Problems and Solutions

Make sure you have at least one episode live before you start giving access

Next Steps

Well done! You have set up your first show! We encourage you to explore the rest of the app to customize each show to your liking.

Updated on August 8, 2022

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